Home lift platforms in reduced shaft structures
Tailor-made home lift systems
Landing doors and door-frame surrounds
Bridge-type lifting systems
Public use lifting systems
Single-phase 230V systems
Panoramic lifts
Electric home-lifts in metal structure
Special realizations
Structures for outdoor use
Indoor structures
Hydraulic lifts EN 81.2 – EN 81.20/50
Electric lifts with machine room EN 81.1 – EN 81.20/50
MLR electric lifts EN 81.1- EN 81.20/50
EN 81.21 reduced pit, reduced headroom lift plants
Machinery Directive home-lifts 2006/42 EC
Refurbishment kit
Special lift plants
Cabins: standard – tailor-made – panoramic – special shape (upon request) and lightweight.
Landing doors, door-frames and surrounds (windowless, coated, framed glass and full glass)